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We have large of inventory for our company's advantage products 
All of kinds of DCS,PLC parts:
Bently Nevada:3500/3300 system,Proximitor probe etc.
Germany EPRO MMS6000 systerm card MMS3000 system card PR6422 PR6423 PR6424 PR6426 PR9268 series of Proximitor probe etc.
ABB PLC system modules DCS system cards,also including the stop-production control system modules and parts.
General Electric gas turbine cards IS200 series,DS200 series
Rockwell Allen-Bradley: SLC500/1747/1746 MicroLogix/1761/1763/1762/1766/1764 
Logix5000/1756/1789/1794/1760/1788,PLC-5/1771/1785 and so on.
Inviteys Foxboro: I / A Series system, FBM (input / output modules) sequential control, ladder logic control, accident recall processing, digital-to-analog conversion, input / output signal processing, data communication and processing.
Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, the most modern fault-tolerant controller based on triple-module redundancy (TMR) architecture.
Westinghouse: OVATION system, WDPF system, WEStation system spare parts.
Schneider Modicon: Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules and so on.
ABB:industrial robot spare parts DSQC series, Bailey INFI 90 and so on.
MOORE, 6ES5 series, 6GK series, 6DD series, 6AR series.
Motorola (MVM): MVME 162, MVME 167, MVME1772, MVME177 and other series.
XYCOM: I / O, VME boards and processors.
General Electric FANUC : modules, cards, drives and other spare parts, IC693, IC695, IC697 IC698 series.
Yaskawa: servo controller, servo motor, servo drive.
Bosch Rexroth: Indramat, I / O modules, PLC controllers, drive modules, and so on.
Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK150 digital controller.
Rosemount Rosemount: Pressure Transmitter, Flowmeter.

Sütron BT14 BT 14 Bedienterminal

Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7 331-7KB01-0AB0 6ES7331-7KB01-0?A

Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7 322-1BL00-0AA0 6ES7322-1BL00-0?A

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 110-3SA11 6ES5110-3SA11 Rack

Leuchtstofflamp?e 4Stift/EVG PKLL24W/840/2G1?1 25x

Leuchtstofflamp?e 4Stift/EVG PKLL13W/830/G24?q-1 10x

Leuchtstofflamp?e 4Stift/EVG PKLL13W/830/G24?q-1 10x

Leuchtstofflamp?e Kompakt PKLL 9W/827/E 14 Gebinde 10x

Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7 321-1BL00-0AA0 6ES7321-1BL00-0?A

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 450-8MB11 6ES5450-8MB11 E: 1

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 430-8MB11 6ES5430-8MB11 E: 2

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 441-8MA11 6ES5441-8MA11 E:1

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 421-8MA11 6ES5421-8MA11 E:1

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 266-8MA11 6ES5266-8MA11 E:6

DAIKIN-Klimager??t R 35 DB V11 B

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 430-8MB11 6ES5430-8MB11 E:1

E.Dold & S?hne KG BN5983.53 


RITTAL Schaltschrank-K?ühlger?t SK 3269140


OMRON R88A-PR02U R88APR02U Parameter Unit

RITTAL Schaltschrank-K?ühlger?t SK 3280100


RITTAL Schaltschrank-K?ühlger?t SK 3234 Lüfter

RITTAL Schaltschrank-K?ühlger?t SK 3203100

RITTAL Schaltschrank-K?ühlger?t SK 3287134


RITTAL Luft/Wasser-W?r?metauscher SK 3215.100

RITTAL Luft/Wasser-W?r?metauscher SK 3215.100

E.Dold & S?hne KG BO5988.47/124 BO 5988 47 124

Pfannenberg Seitenanbau-Küh?lger?t DTS 7341 Klimager?t

E.Dold & S?hne KG BD9080.12/001 BD 9080 12 001

E.Dold & S?hne KG BA9053/12 BA 9053 12

RITAL-Standard-?W?rmetauscher SK 3246

E.Dold & S?hne KG BA9019 BA 9019

E.Dold & S?hne KG BA9042 BA 9042

E.Dold & S?hne KG BD5987.02 BD 5970 02

E.Dold & S?hne KG BA9040.12/011 BA 9040 12 011

E.Dold & S?hne KG BH5932.22/011 BH 5932 22 011

5Stück Siemens 6ES7 972-0BA20-0XA0 6ES7972-0BA20-0?XA0

MTS-Sensor Temposonics RH-0350M-D70-1-?S1B1100 Wegsensor

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-1500-R Wegsensor

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-1500-R Wegsensor

LINAK CB08-1T-50-24 Controlbox

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-1500-R Wegsensor

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-1250-R Wegsensor

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-1250-R Wegsensor

CUEPRINT Maintenance Terminals & Classic Head Driver 

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-1250-R Wegsensor

SEW Eurodrive USS11A

Siemens Thermistor-Moto?rschutz PTC 3UN21 00-0AB4

Siemens Simatic S5 Memory Submodul 6ES5 375-1LA71

B&R 7AT351.7

B&R 7AF101.7

B&R 7DO435 . 7

B&R 7EX470 . 50 - 1 7EX470.50 - 1

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-1250-R Wegsensor

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-1250-R Wegsensor

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 942-7UA13 6ES5942-7UA13 E:1

Phoenix Contact Profibus IL PB BL DI8 DO4-PAC

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 951-7NB21 6ES5951-7NB21 E:1

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 951-7LB14 6ES5951-7LB14 E:8

Heidenhain EXE 610 C EXE610C

Siemens Fehlerstrom-Sch?utzeinrichtung 5SM1 346-6

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 440-8MA21 6ES5440-8MA21 E: 1

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-0750-R

Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7 120-0BH01-0AA0 6ES7120-0BH01-

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 452-8MR11 6ES5452-8MR11 E:2

MTS-Sensor Temposonics TTM-RB-M-0750-R

Endress + Hauser Liquiphant M FTL 51H-AME2DC2G4A 510MM

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 464-8MA11 6ES5464-8MA11 E:3

Endress + Hauser Liquiphant M FTL 51H-AME2DC2G4A

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 464-8MC11 6ES5464-8MC11 E:7

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 491-0LB11 6ES5491-0LB11 E:2

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 491-0LB11 6ES5491-0LB11 E:2

Siemens 6EP5215-2BD20 6EP5 215-2BD20 

INDRAMAT TDM 3.2-030-300-W1 TDM3.2-030-300-?W1

FESTO DGP 63-500-PPVAB Linearführung

INDRAMAT REXROTH KDV 1.3-100-220/300?-220 Power Supply

Berger Lahr VRDM 31122/50 LVCEB Schrittmotor

Baumüller-Nürnb?erg Gleichstrommoto?r FGN 225/200 IV 

ifm electronic ecomat 200 DZ0201 DZ 02 01



Siemens 3SB3 804-4EB 3SB3804-4EB E:1

Gestra NRS 2 NRS2

Telemecanique TSX 17-20 CC 40E/S

Siemens Sirius 3RB2056-2FW2 3RB2 056-2FW2 E:3

Baumüller-Nürnb?erg Gleichstrommoto?r GNA 225 

Siemens 3SB3 804-4AZ 3SB3804-4AZ

Siemens Transformator MT 5000 A

SCHAFFNER FN 356-50-33 Netzfilter

SEW NF 063-503 Netzfilter

SEW BW 147-T Bremswiederstan?d

Siemens 7PU40 20-5AN20 7PU4020-5AN20

Siemens 3RP1525-1AP30 3RP1 525-1AP30 

NOVAR 300 NOVAR 301 E30164155VNLBAA

Imaje Ink-Jet ENR5491 /R SYSTEM INK ASSY

Kniel MPS 5.7 225-600-00

Leuchtstofflamp?e L18 W/25 U 26mm U-Form Gebinde 24x

E.Dold & S?hne KG BA9080.11 UNAC400 V UHAC40-400HZ

E.Dold & S?hne KG BD9080.12 3AC500V UH AC 230 V

AEG Elfa E83 3 Pol.



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